What If...

The team assembles...

In our first session with me attempting to GM we met Robert E. Lee, his “aide” Monaseetah, and Marseilles Roland Rheims as they recruited Luke’s characters for his “special” abilities. General Lee gave Luke’s character a promotion to lieutenant. The three of them traveled to New Orleans via Luke’s teleporting power. Their first mission was to acquire the services of a voodoo lady named Celes Laveau. This turned out to be harder than they expected. After a little chase and some negotiations they came to an agreement that included helping out the local orphanages.

Their next stop was the Marshland Estate to pick up a hunter by the name of Cassius. Before they reached the plantation they met up with Alex Thompson whom had come all the way from New York. The team thought it wise to speak with the owner of the plantation before they recruited the help. They were met at the door by the butler Scipio. He informed them that the owner Anne Colleton wasn’t there and that she was in South Carolina on business. He offered to see if they could speak with her brother Jake who had recently returned from the war. The team agreed. Scipio went upstairs only to find that Jake couldn’t be disturbed. When Scipio opened the door again, a disheveled looking girl named Cherry was seen coming down the stairs. The butler offered to take them to Cassius which he did. All the while Luke’s character had already found Cassius and his friends in his cabin. He used his power of teleportation and invisibility to enter the cabin. While he was in there he disabled Cassius’ firearms. Luke also heard Cassius talking about a revolution of some sort. Upon hearing this Luke became visible and asked about this “revolution”. A moment later there was a knock at the door. Pericles (who looks an awful lot like Michael Clark Duncan) answered the door and asked what the team wanted. He didn’t like the looks of Ms. Laveau one bit. Hesitantly he let them in. During the negotiations between Cassius and the team Joe’s character investigated some of the books on the mantle which at first glance looked like hymn books. Upon further investigation he found out that they were socialist propaganda. The negotiations went well and the team agreed to help Cassius and his “brothers” with their “Red” revolution. The only unexpected thing that happened was that Pericles and Scipio wanted to come along with Cassius. The team was hesitant at first but then a brash young lieutenant asked to see what they could do. The three young black men obliged. During the sparring match everybody found out what everyone else was made of. Scipio can make duplicates of himself when he gets hit. Cassius can fight either ranged or melee. Nobody got to see what he can do with a rifle or bow but there will be many occasions in the future for that. Pericles has the ability to turn into a 600 pound gorilla, a black panther, or an eagle. Beau can turn into electricity. Luke can become invisible. Celes can channel mental energy through a doll. Joe can dish out a beating when he’s not grappled by a gorilla.



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